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 Set up and customize your site in no time and without any coding.

You know all those tiny details that makes the difference but usually requires time and getting your hands dirty with code? Forget it! Urban Fabrica extensive built-in customization options will let you do it all in the customizer, thus saving your precious time. Here is a list of what you will find straight out of the box in Urban Fabrica:



  • Choose your favourite Google Web Fonts families, set which one to use in headings and normal text.
  • Adjust font-sizes for every part of your site (Including Navbar, Posts Grid, Pages, Posts, Footer, etc).


Built in Home hero image slider

  • Set your built-in Home hero image slider with up to 6 images.


Built in fancy Blog Posts grid (Category-sections support!)

  • Customize your built-in fancy Blog Post-Grid: make it display all posts together or create sections wich show only posts of the chosen categories.


Animations and effects

  • Choose your favourites animations and effects: Consecutive fade-in animations for home page’s navbar and carousel, fade-in scroll reveal animations in sections and cards, different tipe of Hover effect for cards.


Exstensive layout customizations – details make the difference.


  • Choose between a static or fixed-top position.
  • Set your title, description and logo.
  • Adjust the logo’s size and the font sizes of all elements.

Posts grid

  • Choose between showing all posts or several category sections (posts filtered by chosen categories).
  • Have small, medium, large or extra-large Cards containing your post’s image, title, excerpt and a read more text (everything is optional and customizable).
  • Have them free or grouped inside a coloured container, squared or rounded (you choose it all!)
  • Set your own “Read more” text and Excerpt length.
  • Set your title and description for every section.
  • Adjust font-sizes of every component.

Single page and post layout

  • Customize your post/page image: you can choose to show it or not, you can customize its height and width, and also have it as an hero image.
  • Choose the position of the title: Above or below the image, aligned on the center, left or right.
  • Choose to show or hide meta-informations including Author, date, categories and tags. Set their position: above the title, below the title, below the content, aligned on the left, right or center.
  • Adjust the font-size of every component.


  • Set up your own footer credits text in no time.
  • Display widgets in up to 3 positions in your footer (left, right and center).
  • Adjust font sizes of footer credits and widget’s title and text.


Fast, optimized, Bootstrap 4 compatible and translation-ready.

Get it now!